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Product Image (Sqaure Anti Fog Film)

Waterproof Anti Fog Car Side Window Rear View Glass

Material: PET Color: Blue Shape: Square Size: 20cm x 16cm Usage: Car Side Window, Car Front Side

Product Image (Blue Car Foam Cleaner Multipurpose Foam Cleaner)

Blue Car Foam Cleaner Multipurpose Foam Cleaner

Price: 110 INR/Piece

* Blue Car Foam Cleaner | Multipurpose Foam Cleaner FOAM CLEANER is specially designed to clean any surface inside or outside the car. Easy to Wash your car within 3 minutes, So Your car to look clean, beautiful & Give lemon fragrance. You fill Freshness Multipurpose Foam Cleaner uses its thick foaming actin to lift dirt off even tough-to-clean surfaces. Gives Shine to every applied surface Built in Brush on cap head Material: foam Helps Reduce Musty Odor & Give Lemon Fragrance Yellow Stains Easy to Use You can Wash Car & wash the leather seat & Tier etc.

Product Image (Foam Cleaner)

Car Foam Cleaner Multipurpose Foam Cleaner

Application: Car Seat, Shoes, Sofa, Car Exterior & Interior, Wash Basin Fragrance: Lemon Content: 650ml

Product Image (Butter Spreader)

Butter Cutter, Butter Spreading Tool

Material: ABS Color: Yellow Application: Kitchen Weight: 25gram Application: Spread on morning toast, bagels, baguettes, muffins, pancakes, waffles, corn and baking tray


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