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Cleaning Products

Product Image (Rust Remover)

Rust Remover Paste

Application: Multipurpose Type: Paste Color: Off White Feature: Instant Cleaning Content: 180gram

Product Image (Wall Mold Remover)

Wall Mold Remover

Application: Wall Type: Spray Foam: Liquid Net Content: 500ml

Product Image (Cloth Stain Remover)

Cloth Stain Remover Laundry Cloth Stain Remover Pen

Material: Liquid Packing Type: Bottle Application: Stain Remover Color: White Content: 50ml

Product Image (Flexi Brush)

Flexible Cleaning Brush

Brush Material: Nylon Handle Material: Plastic Type: Cleaning Brush Available Color: Green

Product Image (Sani Stick)

Drain Cleaner Stick

"Specification" Type: Multi-purpose Plunger Color: Blue Plunger Handle Material: Plastic Plunger Head Material: Plastic "Dimensions" Handle Length: 9 cm Plunger Head Diameter: 3 cm

Product Image (Liquid Dispenser Brush)

Liquid Soap Dispenser Kitchen Cleaning Brush with Scrubber

Material: PP Plastic + Nylon Brush Size: 8 x 4 x 4 Centimeters Color: Gray Product Type: Pot Brush Function: Cleaning. Handheld liquid dispenser brush with replacement sponge.

Product Image (Emry Sponge)

Multi-functional Kitchen Emry Sponge

Color: Brown Size: 3.94*2.76*0.98 Inch Weight: 20g Usage Application: Clean the kitchen, bathroom, daily necessities, etc.....

Product Image (Scrub Pad 10 Pcs)

Dish Washing Scrub Pad

Material : Sponge + Emery, Color : Multicolor Size : 15 x 10 cm

Product Image (Corona Laundry Ball)

Washing Machine Laundry Ball

Color: Multi Fragrance: NA

Product Image (Glass Washing Brush)

Double Side Glass Washing Brush

Size: About 20 * 16 cm Material: PP PVC Color: Grey

Product Image (Sink Cleaner Wire)

Drain Cleaner Wire

Available Size: 90cm & 60cm

Product Image (Slider Window Cleaning Brush)

Slider Window Cleaning Brush

Product Dimensions : 13 x 3 x 9 cm; Weight: 45 Grams

Product Image (Mini Wire Tool)

Cleaning Brush

Material: brass, stainless steel and nylon Type: Cleaning Size: 17cm

Product Image (Washing Machine Cleaning Tablet)

Washing Machine Cleaning Tablet

Product Size: 2.6 x 2.6 x 1.2 cm/ 1 x 1 x 0.47 inch Weight: 15g Color: White & Blue

Product Image (Silicone Bottle Brush)

Silicone Bottle Cleaning Brush

Material: Silicone Application: Cleaning Bottle, Brush Color: Gray Size: 32cm

Product Image (SS Cleaning Cream)

Stainless Steel Cleaning Paste, Cleaner Beauty

Capacity: 500gram Color: White Foam: Cream

Product Image (Kitchen Cleaner Spray)

Kitchen Oil & Grease Removing Spray

Material: Plastic; Item Form: Liquid; Shelf Life: 36 Months Directions for Use: Spray on the area to be cleaned and wait for a few minutes and then wipe with a clean cloth for desired result. Remove chimney filter, spray the cleaner, wait for a few minutes and then wipe with a clean cloth. Usage: Cleans ovens, gas stoves, burners, grills & chimneys; Storage Instructions: Keep in cool and dry place Its non-flammable and nontoxic, chlorine free made especially for Cooking & Food Processing, Commercial & Domestic Kitchens, Food Service/Kitchen Cleaning, Duct Cleaning, Food Processing, Pressure Washing, Engine Degreasing, Spray & Wipe Cleaning and more. Safe to Use on Metals, Plastic, Fiberglass. Keep Away From Children. May cause irritation to eyes, wear proper eye gear.

Product Image (Window Cleaning Brush)

Window Cleaning Brush With Dust Pan

Material: PP Plastic Size:17 x 2 cm Multi-function: cleaning keyboard, dashboard, equipment in car Easily Clean Unreachable And Dirty Window Channels, Keyboard Etc. Portable And Lightweight, Convenient To Carry.

Product Image (Magnetic Window Cleaner)

Double Side Magnetic Window Cleaner

Color: Yellow, Blue Shade: Yellow Type: Kitchen Wiper Adjustable Handle: Yes Replaceable Head: Yes Scrub Included: Yes

Product Image (Shoe Cleaning Gloves)

Shoe Cleaning Gloves

Color: Black Dimension: 16.5cm * 10cm * 1cm Material: Febric

Product Image (Silicone Toilet Brush)

Toilet Cleaning Brush

Materials: silicone, plastic Size with holder: 36 x 4.5 x 10 Cm Color: Multicolor

Product Image (Wall Stain Remover)

Wall Stain Remover

Can easily remove all kinds of wall surface, graffiti stains, remove stains, Marker, Pen, Ballpen Marking. Do not damage the wall surface. Cleaning cream stains on the walls of the house Used to remove stains on the walls in the house Easy to use, remove stains quickly, no need to waste time scrubbing or mixing difficult liquids. The cream is not harmful to the wall and health. Works well.

Product Image (LavenderWashingMachineCleaningTablet)

Washing Machine Cleaning Tablet (Original Lavender Fragrance)

Product Size: 2.6 x 2.6 x 1.2 cm Weight: 17.75gram Color: White with Purple

Product Image (Stone Cleaning Powder)

Stone Cleaning Powder

Foam: Powder Net Conent: 500gram

Product Image (Lint Remover)

Portable Lint Remover Roller With Handle

Material: Paper + Plastic Dimension: 14cm x 2.7cm Packing Type: Poly Packing Color: Multi Application: Hair, Dust, Lint Remver No. of Sheets: 30

Product Image (Fragrance Beads)

Laundry Cloth Fragrance Beads

Material: Softener Packing Type: Zip Bag Type: Fragrance Beads

Product Image (Fan Duster)

Multipurpose Microfiber Ceiling Fan Duster

* Cleaning Type - Wash and Dry * Brush Material - Microfiber * Color - Multi Colour

Product Image (Dry Cleaning Spray )

Dry Cleaning Spray

This liquid formula has an incredibly fast effect, leaving no greasy, sticky or thin residue of other detergents or soaps, your clothes, shoes or gym bag will be non-polluting and fresh smell. This natural-based liquid is incredibly fast-acting and does not leave behind a greasy, sticky, or filmy other cleaners or soaps, your clothes, shoes, or gym bag will be stain-free and smelling fresh in no time at all.

Product Image (Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tablet)

Toilet Cleaning Tablet

Material: Detergent Color: Blue Size: 4cm * 4cm * 1.5cm

Product Image (Tornado Powder)

Wild Tornado Sink & Drain Cleaner

Material: Powder Content: 110gram Color: White Shelf Life: 1095days

Product Image (Toilet Gel Cleaner)

Toilet Gel Cleaner

[Material]: ionic and non-ionic multi-chemical formula. [Long Lasting Fragrance]: Helps clean toilet bowl and keep it fresh and Long Lasting Fragrance [How to Use]: Remove cap and position end of Gel Tube near the rim of Toilet Bowl. Press and hold button down while pushing unit towards the bowl. When button clicks into the next hole, pull unit back to leave a gel stamp. [Features]: Fashion design, brand new and high quality, it is no harmful to your family skin, safe to use. [Fragrance]: Lavender, Ocean

Product Image (Long Handle Toilet Cleaning Brush)

Long Handle Toilet Brush

Material: Plastic Color: Green

Product Image (Teddy Toilet Cleaner)

Bear Shape Tablet, Toilet Bowl Cleaner Capsules

Dimension: 11cm x 5cm Foam: Concentrate Color: Blue

Product Image (Rat Repellent Gel)

Rat Repellent Gel

Price: 50 INR/Piece

Smell: Clove oil Duration: Strong rat repellent cream Scope of use: Open cover for 6 months Objects: Mice, cockroaches, mosquitoes, etc. Capacity 120G/ non weight due to carbon crystal material no accurate unit Duration6 months after opening the cover, do not place the product on the engine or too close to the engine to avoid overheating and evaporation Ingredients: active water, plant active agent, emulsifier, etc

Product Image (Pet grooming Brush)

Pet grooming Brush

Price: 70 INR/Piece
Product Image (5 in 1 Cleaning Brush )

5 in 1 Cleaning Brush

Price: 50 INR/Piece

5 in 1 Cleaning Soft Brush For Keyboard Cleaner 5 in 1 Multi-Function Computer Cleaning Tool Kit

Product Image (Cloth Stain Remover Wipe )

Cloth Stain Remover Wipe

Price: 35 INR/Piece

Size : 8.5 x14cm Package Contents: Wash-free Cleaning Wipes x1packs (12pcs) Product type: Household Chemicals Easy Cleaning Wet Wipe-12Pc Wipes (White)


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